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What a Rubbish??

Are we living in the 21st century? Based on new findings, 47% of Gen Z respondents reported high levels of distress due to global climate change. However, where do the citizens of Sri Lanka stand on this, especially the younger generation?

I captured this on the 01st of January 2023 after the new year celebrations at Galle Face, Sri Lanka.


Please take a few minutes to watch this clip, and you will understand the extent of the damage



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Why do people not care for their environment? Why do they not understand that human survival is based on their environment? Such carelessness to mother nature. All the plastics, polythene bags, glass bottles, and all other rubbish that does not degrade to the soil are left behind. These human activities negatively affect the ecosystem and destroy the upper layers of the ecosystem. Why can’t you think, It is part of climate change?

Why do people not take the initiative to take back their rubbish with them? Why can they not bring food in their Tupperware rather than wrapping it in plastic or polythene? In my opinion, the relevant authorities should implement strict rules and fine them for leaving rubbish in public areas. Then only people will understand; otherwise, they will do the same again and again carelessly. Another action we could take as responsible citizens is to implement programs at the school level and teach young children to protect the environment.

So, please think about your surroundings and not be nasty to mother nature. We have done enough damage to the environment, and it is time to have a new resolution for the betterment of the world without destroying its existence. Then only we all can happily say “HAPPY NEW YEAR”.

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